Top Ten Pixiv Artworks of the Week #1


We will be starting a new weekly series, taking a look at the top 10 ranking Pixiv artworks of the week, from the 3rd of November to the 9th. The criteria for the top 10 artworks includes: it must be in the top weekly rankings and the artwork being one image (no multiple illustration artworks or comics). Of course, don’t forget to visit the artists’ page for more fantastic artworks.

So here are the top 10 Pixiv artworks of this week:

10. Saber

Artist: saberiii

Starting off our list this week is this powerful and epic image of Saber, from ufotable’s current Fate/stay night anime. Here we see Saber in all her might wielding the legendary sword Excalibur. This image itself uses a lot of brush techniques that resembles a water colour painting.

9. waiter & waitress


Artist: ダエ

The 9th best Pixiv illustration of the week is this artwork of the two main characters of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima. This artwork isn’t as busy as the previous and focuses on the two characters with the lack of a background. More detail and attention has been used on the characters’ posture, easily expressing their personality, and detailed clothes.

8. 浮遊遺跡ライトアップ (The Floating Ruins Light Up)


Artist: K,Kanehira

The next image is this amazing original artwork of a futuristic, science fiction floating city. The image itself gives a warm vibe with all the yellow lighting, yet a sprinkle of neon lights and contrasting colours ties it nicely together. Though, a future city like this would be hard to navigate around.

7. ❀❀❀❀❀❀


Artist: RAN

#7 of the week is this colourful piece of art. A fair maiden in a field of flowers being enticed by a white glowing butterfly. And the title of the artwork itself is aptly named. This image uses a lot of soft, bright colours to give off an innocent and endearing feeling.

6. キリッ (Kiritsu)


Artist: jusc0

Fate/stay night is surely popular this season and in contrast to the Saber artwork, is this cute image of Saber and Shirou Emiya. The image itself was created in response to last week’s episode of the anime, so if you haven’t seen it yet you are missing out. Of course, nothing beats a caring, protective and adorable Saber. Except the following images.

5. 赤ずきん (Little Red Riding Hood)


Artist: しょういん

The first image in the top half of the list is this original small twist on the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Little red herself is using a little bit of magic to make her way to her grandmother’s house and seems to have tamed the big bad wolf. It doesn’t seem that scary anymore.

4. UBW


Artist: もちだのお手洗い

Another image for Fate/stay night, but this time focusing on the Unlimited Blade Works arc with characters Archer and Rin Tohsaka. This amazing stylised image actually represents the pairing of two, and you can see that with the small subtles in the image, such as the position of Archer’s arm on Rin. If you do want more, try searching 弓凛 on Pixiv.

3. リリス (Lilith)


Artist: 米っち

The third top Pixiv artwork of the week is of the enticing demon Lilith. It may seem like a nice romantic dinner with her, but one wrong move could prove fatal. There is a lot of detail in this image, especially in all the scales of the snakes and Lilith’s armour. And of course Lilith herself is looking mighty detailed.

2. 白雪 (Snow White)


Artist: Aちき@お仕事募集中

The second top image of the week is another original take on a classic fairytale, this time of Snow White. This adorable rendition of the classic is well detailed and conveys the bright contrasting colours of the princess’s dress. Everything about this image oozes the innocence of the princess, including her innocence of about to bite into the infamous apple.

1. Unlimited Blade Works

Artist: Ask

And at number 1 for this week is this jaw dropping artwork of Rin and Archer. Everything about this image is amazing, from the strong dominant posture of Rin to the realistic Tokyo background. This image itself is part of a fan artbook that focuses on Rin, and comes with lots of optional goodies such as a dakimakura cover and tapestry of Rin. You can find more information here.

So that is our first weekly Top 10 Pixiv Artworks of the week. Which artwork was your favourite?