Pokemon Center’s Hidden Monster

You will never be able to look at Nurse Joy the same way ever again.

Japanese Twitter user @g_taka072 saw something a little bit different than a nurse behind the counter in the Pokemon Center. Imagine after a long journey you and your Pokemon are tired and you come to the Pokemon Center to rehabilitate and this is staring at you.

Pokemon Center Hidden Monster

“I always thought that the Pokémon Center’s nurse
was a monster that looked like this.”

Don’t see it? Let’s take a closer look.

Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 2 Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 3 Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 4


Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 5

Here’s how other Twitter users reacted to this horrendous discovery.

“Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the demon!”
“There’s a few other mis-seeings I remember from this game….”

Others shared their views on the Pokemon sprites.

Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 6Pokemon Center Hidden Monster 7

Have you ever hilariously misinterpreted any sprites in games you’ve played? With the recent re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, we can only assume players are now looking for something to scar us with next.

Source: Rocket News 24

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