Fall 2015 Anime Hashtags


Here we go again, having a line-up ready to close the year. It’s already the Fall 2015 season! As usual we at Haruhichan have a hashtag list for your usage in case you go ranting, rambing (and fangirl/boying) on Twitter or Tumblr. Here are the list of Fall 2015 anime that will be airing and their hashtags, official Twitter account and websites. These resources will be helpful for sharing and attaining information about these shows. Also, if you would not want to get spoiled from a certain show, muting a hashtag is a piece of cake. (To know how to mute a hashtag, click here.)

We will appreciate you bookmarking and sharing this page. Let the people know to use these hashtags so spoilers will be kept! For a less messy list, just pick what you plan on watching, copy their hashtags and paste them in a note.

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Fall 2015 Anime Hashtags Header

Here is a list of the official anime hashtags, official Twitter accounts and websites that I have compiled from long-running shows, Summer leftovers and this Fall 2015 season, including some specials!:


  • In alphabetical order
  • Not all anime aired in this season in Japan are in this list (some of short, kids shows are omitted)
  • Some of these shows doesn’t have either an official hashtag, an official account or an official website
  • More titles and hashtags will be added without prior notice
  • If there are any series that are not included in the list or if there are any mistakes, please comment below so we can add/change it!

Long-running Series:

Fall 2015 Anime Hashtags Long-Running

*until early Fall 2015

Summer 2015 Leftovers:

Fall 2015 Anime Hashtags Leftover

*until early Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Shows:

Fall 2015 Anime Hashtags Banner

Several shows don’t have a hashtag, it is preferable to create your own hashtag pertaining to the anime that you are going to talk about. It is much better if you simply use the title of the show without adding symbols (E.g.: For Naruto Shippuuden, you can just use #narutoshippuuden). Or in general, use #Fall2015Anime for this season.

There are SO many shows! About 120 of them this season, and more than 50 new series. Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji seems like our contender for the longest website URL versus season two’s quite funny website URL! And Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider has a nice website opening! We also got a few anime Twitter accounts that are already verified. Which of these hundred shows are you planning to watch?